Spiritual Life Coach

Just as EVERY drop of water is important to make up the entire ocean, your life is important to create and operate the Universe. While you may feel insignificant in this vast vista, know that you matter and you have a unique spot to fill that only you can. Life has a way of throwing you curve balls that can get overwhelming. It makes you question your existence and the purpose of continuously dealing with difficult people and situations. Nothing makes sense any more and then you feel you’ve had more than enough and you are ready to throw up your arms and quit playing the game of life. Don’t give up!! Understand how you got where you are and why what is happening to you makes sense. Then get a handle on it, know what to leg go and how… what to keep and why!! I can help you figure out and navigate through the troubled waters and to teach you how to ‘like the lotus, rise above the muck and mire’ and take charge of your life once again! There is method to this madness and it is possible to find peace in this chaos. Bring an open heart and mind and a determination to find your purpose…and of course be willing to change the course of your life to take charge, release control and let the Higher power that runs the Universe walk with you and guide you.